Welcome to HelloBone

The recommendation of WordPress is that I should be polite and  introduce myself first before we get to the good stuff. So here we go:

Hi there! I’m a geek which means I spend too much time in my “man’s cave” in the basement playing with technology like the BeagleBone. Today I want share some of my results with you…

Good enough for now? Ok, lets go on! Here are the two reasons for this website:

1. HelloBone

I couldn’t find a tutorial for cross compiling BeagleBone applications in Windows. Therfore I did some research myself and decided to contribute this to the “community”. So the HelloBone  article on this site is about “Cross-Compile and Remote Deploy from Windows for BeagleBone using Eclipse and the Linaro-gcc Toolchain”.  

2. WordPress

I was always curious how WordPress works. Now I know. That’s a great tool. Today this site is static but I already felt the urge to start blogging after getting used to WordPress a little (roughly  after 5 minutes or so).


I want to say thanks to WordPress for the software and also thanks to TIPIDO for hosting this site for free.

Have fun!