BeagleBone with 433MHz Transmitter

Today I’ve added a second tutorial to my site and I hope it will be again something useful for the BeagleBone community. A few days ago I wiped the dust off my BeagleBone since Christmas is around the corner and I feel Christmas decoration lights shall not be controlled manually in the year 2017.

So if you are interested in 433 MHz technology utilized with the BeagleBone the new tutorial might be quite interesting for you.

The famous Windows cross compile tutorial ‘HelloBone’ is also still available at this site, even if it is a bit outdated. I thought about a rework but it’s always tough to give something like this the right priority.

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Update to WordPress 4.1.1

Today I’ve updated WordPress from 3.8.1 to 4.1.1. This was sort of overdue for some time and I’m not sure where I found the bravery today. After 30 minutes of sweat and fear it seems everything went well (otherwise you would have difficulties to read this).

For those of you who are in a similar situation I recommend to follow the Manual Update Section of since an Auomatic Update failed in my case.

For the main content of this site you still need to go here.

Have Fun!

Linaro gcc alternative

In the HelloBone tutorial I explain in Step 1 how to download and setup the Linaro gcc toolchain and in Step 3 how to add make. Today I found another prebuild gcc toolchain named beaglebone-gcc4.7.3.exe at SYSPROGS.

The beauty is that you don’t need to install make seperately because it’s already included. It worked with my sample HelloBone project right away. Other than that I didn’t see too many differences so far. But I hesitate to rewrite the whole tutorial because I’m lazy and I’m already used to my tagline above (which says “Linaro” as you might have recognized).

Welcome to HelloBone

The recommendation of WordPress is that I should be polite and  introduce myself first before we get to the good stuff. So here we go:

Hi there! I’m a geek which means I spend too much time in my “man’s cave” in the basement playing with technology like the BeagleBone. Today I want share some of my results with you…

Good enough for now? Ok, lets go on! Here are the two reasons for this website:

1. HelloBone

I couldn’t find a tutorial for cross compiling BeagleBone applications in Windows. Therfore I did some research myself and decided to contribute this to the “community”. So the HelloBone  article on this site is about “Cross-Compile and Remote Deploy from Windows for BeagleBone using Eclipse and the Linaro-gcc Toolchain”.  

2. WordPress

I was always curious how WordPress works. Now I know. That’s a great tool. Today this site is static but I already felt the urge to start blogging after getting used to WordPress a little (roughly  after 5 minutes or so).


I want to say thanks to WordPress for the software and also thanks to TIPIDO for hosting this site for free.

Have fun!